A Little Easter Song
Sång: Jörgen Svantesson,     Text: Patricia Sköld,     Musik: Levi Johansson
1. Oh, awake, you happy throng,
Easter comes with thanks and song.
Hear the larks's trill on the wing,
joyful warbling in the Spring.
All Creation pours out praise
And our longing hearts we raise.
Oh, God, our Creator!
2. Se the Cross upon the hill!
It is empty now , but will
Always speak a message clear,
Take away our shame and fear.
For Christ's victory o'er the grave
Gives us hope, our souls to save.
Oh, Jesus our Saviour!
3. Feast our eyes upon the flowers!
Lilies fair and leafy bowers,
Daffodils and lilics sweet -
All unite our Lord to greet.
Se the little lambs at play,
Innocent, this joyous day,
Oh, Jesus, Lamb of God!
4. One day in the Morning bright
On our souls will dawn a Light
And our tears be wiped away,
On that great and wondrous Day,
And all cleansed from sin and shame,
In His Presence praise His name,
Oh, Jesus, for ever. AMEN