star star


All Saints Eve
Sång: Jörgen Svantesson & Vanja Johansson,     Text: Patricia Sköld,     Musik: Levi Johansson
1. How calm the night, how clear the stars,
How still the pale moonlight,
How tall the dark trees keeping watch,
How bleak the frosty night.
The grey stones guarding each lone grave
Are lit by candle-light
In memory of those who sleep
Until the Morning bright.

2. We thank God for the faithful saints
Whose light on earth shone clear
Through Godly living, grace and faith
God´s presence always near.
Not always roses on their path,
Nor riches, health and friends,
But comfort in life´s darkest days
and mercy to the end.

3. Their bodies freed from mortal strife
Will turn again to dust,
Their spirit, their true self will live.
Oh, read God´s Word and trust.
One thousand years are in His sight,
As fleeting as one day.
And those who bore His name on earth
Remain His own alway.

4. How deep their sleep, but in God´s time,
How sure His call will ring,
How close, yes, face to face with Him,
Their Saviour and their King.
So when all earthly scenes grow dim,
And pilgrim days are past,
The grat adventure then begins.
Their souls reach Home at last! Hallelujah!