In The Wilderness

Sång: Jörgen Svantesson,     Text: Patricia Sköld,     Musik: Levi Johansson

1. Follow the steps of Jesus
Into the wilderness
'Twas there He prayed and fasted
In days of loneliness.
Led by the Holy Spirit
At one with Him above
His destiny accepting
He was the God of Love.
2. Follow the heart of Jesus
For forty days and nights
The burningsun in daytime
The chilly breeze at night.
The stars locked down upon Him
The pale rays from the moon
Gave solace to their Maker
Oh, mystical Triune!
3. Follow the word of Jesus
As pang of hunger came.
The Devil tried to tempt Him
With bread and power and fame.
But Jesus strong in Spirit
He knew the tempter's voice
Cried "Get behind me Satan"
Only in God rejoice.
4. Follow the deeds of Jesus
As Satan fled that day
And Angels came to tend Him
For comfort on his way.
Draw closer to our Saviour
And meditate on Him
In quiet joy be prayerful
As trials of life grow dim.