The Babe

Sång: Jörgen Svantesson,     Text: Patricia Sköld,     Musik: Levi Johansson

1. Hush! Soon we are near
The Baby dear in Betlehem!
He come to this earth
to bring new birth.
This mystery great
We now relate at Christmas time
We follow the star, It is not far.

There we can see the Saviour lie Softly
On a bed of straw so dry. Touch Him!
His small hand will bring us peace.
Joy to our world.
2. The star shining bright
And by its light The sheperds come.
See here are three Kings
With precious things.
The gifts they had brought
For Him they sought come from afar.
Lo! The angels sing, their voices ring ...

There is His mother, Mary mild, Humbly,
Pure, she bore the Holy Child Jesus -
does He know what God has planned?
- His destiny.

3. Oh Baby divine
Our lives are Thine for evermore.
Tell! What can we bring as gift for Him?
A heart that can love
Our God above our neighbour too,
And lips that can share His life in prayer.

For we shall see our Savior´s face Shining
as we end our earthly race. Trust Him ...
His great love will guide the way
- To Paradise.